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1. Always wash your hands prior to caring for your tattoo

2. Leave bandage on at least 2 hours, or up to overnight

3. Remove bandage and wash immediately, do not re-bandage

4. Wash thoroughly with mild hand soap

5. Pat dry with clean paper towel

6. Once dry, apply a thin layer of moisturizing ointment

7. Repeat 1-3 time a day until it starts to flake or peal

8. Switch to lotion 2-3 time a day rather than ointment

3-5 weeks to be totally healed

  •  *do not pick or scratch your tattoo*          
  • *avoid hot tubs, pools, lakes, etc. during the healing period*        
  • *avoid direct sunlight or tanning during the healing period*     

Piercing Care

1. Always wash your hands prior to caring for your new piercing

2. Remove discharge with wet cotton swab prior to cleaning

3. Wash piercing with anti-bacterial soap, moving jewelry

4. Rinse piercing thoroughly with water

5. Dry piercing with cotton swab

  • *Do not use peroxide or rubbing alcohol during the healing period*    
  • *Do not apply make-ups, oils, lotions or other beauty products during the healing period*    
  • *No swimming or tanning during the healing period*       

8-12 weeks to be totally healed

*oral piercings*

1. rinse with anti-septic mouthwash 10x daily

2. use cold water, ice, etc. to relieve swelling

3. avoid overly spicy, salty, and acidic foods


What are you shop rates?

For tattoos, our shop minimum is $80 and we run $120/hr after that. Each tattoo is priced individually base how how long it takes, unless stated otherwise (discounts/set price pieces)

For piercings, most start at $45 and go up from there depending on your jewelry choice. Call for more specific pricing

How old do I have to be to get tattooed/pierced?

In the state of Wisconsin you must be 18 with a photo ID in order to get tattooed, regardless of parent consent.

You may get certain piercings at 16 with parent consent. You will both need photo ID’s and the last names must match. If they do not match you will need paperwork to prove that you are their legal guardian.

A child may also get their ear lobes pierced, but it is our shop policy that they must want it themselves and be able to ask for it. In this case we would need their birth certificate along with their legal guardians ID which must match the name on the birth certificate. If you are not a birth parent but are a legal guardian we would need paperwork to prove that.